October Event: Housing & Labour

Housing Dilemmas


Wednesday 28 October at 7.00pm

Priory Rooms, Bull Street (off Corporation Street) Birmingham B4 6AF

Speakers: Lee Gregory and James Gregory, Birmingham University. 

Joint meeting with Birmingham Young Fabians and Birmingham University Labour Students.

Lee Gregory of Birmingham University will speak on Becoming Independent: The Importance of Housing for Young People, James Gregory will share his work for the Fabian Society on sorting out the Purposes of Social Housing.

Housing is the second most important issue facing young people who leave home or University – second only to finding a job and a career. The shortage of affordable housing is obvious, especially in London and the SE. Most are forced to rent (“generation rent”), often for many years, and often from bad or exploitative landlords. But it is also far from clear what kinds of social/affordable housing are needed. This meeting is all about what Labour can and should do to fix the housing market – and to give hope to young people wanting something better.